Jump-Start Your Real Estate Investment

Events to Jump-Start Your Real Estate Investment

It’s about time you put into practice the knowledge you have gained from our real estate mentoring programs at Flip Homes Today. Participate in real estate investment events, and make the best investment decisions. For more information about our coaching services, contact us. We are based in Delray Beach, Florida

Acquisitions and Wholesaling

Wholesaling Real Estate basically means acquiring (or controlling) a property by putting it under contract to purchase and then assigning the contract to a buyer. Usually there is low risk, no credit needed, and very little (if any) cash of your own required. You ultimately never take ownership of the properties.

Wholesaling is the quickest way to earn fast cash in the real estate business. Obtaining a contract for acquisition and wholesaling it to a cash buyer is always a smart game plan for easy, recurring positive cash flow. Our company takes pride in having wholesaled hundreds of properties for over the past 20 years.

The important factor to remember is that no two deals are exactly alike. In fact, each deal is completely different from the next. This characteristic is what makes our business so exciting and cutting edge.


Rehabbing Real Estate Properties

Flip Homes Today is currently active in the South Florida real estate market, ensuring that you are provided with the most current and up-to-date knowledge in the industry.

One of the most fulfilling feelings is to create a masterpiece from a once abandoned, run-down property. The before-and-after shots are our favorite. There is no feeling like taking a fully dilapidated property and turning it into a place that someone will call home.